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Investing in the stock market can be a lucrative endeavor if approached with a long-term perspective. One of the key principles of successful investing is identifying undervalued stocks with strong growth potential. In this essay, we will discuss five such stocks currently trading below Rs 350 that have the potential to be valuable additions to your investment portfolio over the next decade. These stocks span various sectors, from media to real estate and infrastructure, offering diversification opportunities for long-term investors.

1. TV18 Broadcast Ltd

TV18 Broadcast Limited, a prominent player in the Indian media industry, is our first contender. Based in Mumbai, TV18 owns and operates several national channels in partnership with global giants like NBCUniversal, Warner Bros., Discovery, and Paramount Global. As of the time of writing, TV18’s share price stands at Rs 38.25.

Investment Rationale:
– Robust Media Industry: The media and entertainment industry in India is witnessing consistent growth, driven by increasing disposable income, digitalization, and demand for diverse content.
– Global Partnerships: TV18’s partnerships with renowned global media companies position it to leverage international content and expertise.
– Long-term Potential: As the media landscape evolves, TV18’s strategic alliances and diversified content offerings could drive long-term growth.

2. Trident Group

Trident Group is a versatile conglomerate headquartered in Ludhiana, Punjab, with a global presence. Its diverse business interests span textile fabric manufacturing, home textile products, paper production, chemicals, and yarn solutions. Currently, Trident Group’s share price is Rs 33.40.

Investment Rationale:
– Textile Industry Strength: India’s textile industry remains a significant contributor to the economy, and Trident Group’s vertical integration provides a competitive advantage.
– Diversified Portfolio: Trident’s presence in multiple sectors mitigates risks associated with economic downturns in any single industry.
– Global Footprint: The company’s global operations offer exposure to international markets, potentially enhancing revenue streams.

3. Shriram Properties

Shriram Properties Limited, an India-based residential real estate development company, is our next stock pick. Engaged in real estate construction, development, and related activities, Shriram Properties operates in a sector closely tied to the country’s economic growth. Its current share price is Rs 64.00.

Investment Rationale:
– Real Estate Potential: India’s urbanization and rising middle class continue to drive demand for residential properties, making real estate an attractive long-term investment.
– Established Presence: Shriram Properties’ track record and established presence in key markets provide stability and growth potential.
– Affordable Housing Focus: The company’s focus on affordable housing aligns with India’s demographic trends.

4. Railtel Corporation of India Ltd

Railtel Corporation of India Ltd is a public sector enterprise with a unique niche in the telecommunications and infrastructure sector. Established with the objective of creating a nationwide broadband, telecom, and multimedia network, Railtel has been at the forefront of modernizing India’s railway operations. Its share price currently stands at Rs 130.10.

Investment Rationale:
– Critical Infrastructure: Railtel’s role in providing broadband and VPN services is essential for India’s modernization and connectivity.
– Government Backing: As a government-owned entity, Railtel enjoys stability and support, making it a reliable long-term investment.
– Expanding Network: The expansion of Railtel’s network and services can drive revenue growth in the coming years.

5. PTC India

PTC India is a company operating in the power sector, providing power trading solutions, cross-border power trading, and consultancy services. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, PTC India also extends its operations into Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. Its current share price is Rs 114.00.

Investment Rationale:
– Energy Demand: The energy sector in South Asia is poised for growth, driven by increasing demand for electricity and cross-border trade opportunities.
– Regional Presence: PTC India’s regional footprint positions it to benefit from the energy trade dynamics in South Asia.
– Consultancy Services: The company’s consultancy services segment offers diversification and stable revenue streams.


Investing in stocks for the long term requires careful consideration of various factors, including industry dynamics, financial health, and growth potential. The five stocks discussed in this essay—TV18 Broadcast Ltd, Trident Group, Shriram Properties, Railtel Corporation of India Ltd, and PTC India—present compelling investment opportunities, each in its respective sector.

However, it is crucial to note that investing in stocks carries inherent risks, and market conditions can change over time. Therefore, it is advisable to conduct thorough research, consult with financial experts, and diversify your portfolio to mitigate risks.

By holding onto these stocks for a decade or more, investors have the potential to benefit from India’s economic growth story and the resilience of these companies in their respective sectors. Nonetheless, due diligence and a long-term perspective remain the key to successful investing in the stock market.

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