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Students Part Time Jobs – Ditto – Insurance advisor via whatsapp online job

Students Part Time Jobs, one innovative option has emerged – Ditto, a Bangalore-based company, is offering students the chance to earn money by providing insurance advice through the popular messaging platform, WhatsApp. This intriguing employment opportunity not only provides financial support to students but also equips them with valuable skills and experiences that can shape their future careers.

Training and Qualifications:

Ditto understands the importance of preparedness, offering a comprehensive two-month training program to ensure that prospective insurance advisors are well-equipped to provide valuable advice to clients. While formal education is a prerequisite, with at least a +2 qualification required, there’s a notable emphasis on communication skills. Good proficiency in English is essential, and an English communication test is part of the application process. Additionally, basic computer knowledge is necessary to navigate the digital landscape of insurance advising.

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Flexible Work Shifts:

One of the attractive aspects of working as an insurance advisor at Ditto is the availability of flexible job shifts. This flexibility caters to the diverse schedules of students, allowing them to balance their work commitments with their academic pursuits effectively.

Application Process:

To apply for this unique opportunity, students can visit the Ditto website and select the “Insurance Advisor (WhatsApp)” position. The application process involves filling in essential details or submitting a resume for consideration. This streamlined application process ensures that aspiring insurance advisors can easily take the first step towards this part-time opportunity.

Other Job Openings at Ditto:

Ditto isn’t limited to just one role; they offer a variety of positions to cater to different skill sets and interests. These include roles such as Content Marketer, Influencer Marketer, Performance Marketing Manager, and even a Campus Recruiter in Human Resources (Remote).

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Financial Rewards:

For those wondering about the financial rewards of working as an Insurance Adviser at Ditto, it’s noteworthy that the estimated take-home salary ranges from ₹33,547 per month to ₹34,809 per month in India. This income can provide students with substantial financial independence, aiding them in covering tuition fees, living expenses, and personal needs.

In conclusion, Ditto’s innovative approach to part-time employment for students opens up new avenues for financial support, skill development, and career exploration. By leveraging the power of WhatsApp and providing comprehensive training, Ditto empowers students to become insurance advisors, a role that combines financial responsibility with valuable communication and digital skills. As part of Ditto’s commitment to student employment, they also offer flexible work shifts and a range of other job opportunities, catering to diverse interests and backgrounds. This initiative not only eases the financial burden on students but also equips them with the tools they need to succeed in today’s digital world.

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