StyleScan is the usage of 3D technology to enhance online shopping

The sector of favor in latest years has started to digitalize hastily. Between digital showrooms and online purchasing that become reinforced via the pandemic, style outlets have had to modify to the needs of customers.

One of the enterprise’s biggest demanding situations has been to get a consumer to purchase the items in their cart, which may be tough for clients who can’t consider how the clothes or add-ons may appear on themselves in preference to a version. That’s what StyleScan inc. Is attempting to change by way of offering artificial intelligence-powered visualization era to enhance the online purchasing experience.

The business, based totally in Brentwood but with a number one studio in van Nuys, changed into founded by Larissa Posner in 2018. Posner holds a certificates in business application of machine getting to know from the Massachusetts institute of generation and extra than 10 years of enjoy advising organizations on investor relations and strategies. Posner additionally spent time running as a catalog version.

Whilst running in quantitative finance in 2018, Posner found out she had no time to keep at physical stores and found out numerous were final around her. She taken into consideration that the “retail apocalypse.”

“barneys closed at the higher west side next to my house. Every important store changed into remaining chains of their shops because on the time they were calling it the ‘amazon effect,’” Posner recalled. “anyone started out buying on line, not going into stores. On the equal time, i looked at Shopify and a number of those different systems, and their shares are rallying and that they’re doing excellent. Evidently, you need to count on comfort overtakes and e-commerce could be the future. So, what are we able to do now to construct a product that the market will later want?”

Posner said she desired to be her own client. She had the concept of importing her picture and being able to see herself in a store’s stock. She assembled a collection of pc scientists, venture traders, and style executives to expand digital dressing technology.

Posner went to the team in economic services at company profile, an investor relations company representing publicly traded biotech, tech and monetary offerings corporations and asked if they may predict stock expenses, became it viable to are expecting girls’ sizes and probably show it on ladies?

“the answer turned into ‘sure.’ we’ve masses of breakthroughs in pc imaginative and prescient and AI. We are able to take one garment from one image superimposed on another photograph,” Posner stated. “we’ll need to educate and build neural nets and teach algorithms. But sure, it is possible. And so, i raised the first million greenbacks. That become 2019.”


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