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Swagbucks is a rewards website and mobile app that offers users the ability to earn virtual currency, called “Swagbucks” (SB), by completing various online activities, such as taking surveys, watching videos, and shopping online. Users can then redeem their SB for gift cards to popular retailers or for PayPal cash. It was launched in 2008 and operates in several countries. It is free to join, but some activities may require a purchase.

One swagbucks is equal to $0.01. You can get gift cards from brands like Walmart, Amazon, American Express, the home depot, domino’s, apple, and many extra. But, you have to reach a minimal SB balance relying on the lowest charge for the gift playing cards noted above.

Swagbucks claims that they have up to now rewarded their participants in present cards or cash really worth $580,177,218. The worthwhile platform also gives out up to 7,000 loose present playing cards each day through several activities and offers.

Is Swagbucks Legit?

Swagbucks ranks #320 amongst all web sites originating from the US. It also ranks #983 some of the global web sites. The website additionally has a TrustScore of 4.3 out of 5.0 from Trustpilot. Up to now, the website is relatively popular within the united states.

As per Swagbucks and its users, the reward platform is authentic. Several users have for certain earned present cards through finishing obligations online. But, you need to realize that this platform isn’t always right here to make a dwelling or get wealthy.

The platform is cautious about worldwide net regulations and privateness guidelines. It complies with various America, Canadian, and global legal guidelines associated with the global internet. There’s a records protection officer or DPO at Swagbucks to take care of GDPR and different records privateness.

How to Get Started With Swagbucks?

If you’re a resident of any of the subsequent international locations and above 13 years of age, you may use Swagbucks.com to earn reward factors:

  • The USA and its territories
  • Canada
  • France
  • Spain
  • United Kingdom
  • Portugal
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • India

You want to visit the signal-up web page and whole the given shape. You can either use an e-mail or right away sign-up the use of your FB account. In case you’ve were given a sign-up code, you must input it at the same time as signing up to experience any bonuses.

Which Swagbucks features allow you to earn rewards online ?

1. Shop Online
Whilst you shop online using Swagbucks or select SBs as cashback, you get higher reward factors than competitors inside the market. Putting in the SwagButton plugin will assist you stay up-to-date on purchasing and on line purchase-related offers from Swagbucks.

2. Search Engine
The Swagbucks search engine is a yahoo-powered device. You could set it as a default search engine on your internet browser. It helps you to earn SBs just for searching the online. In case you search the net, as typical, you can earn up to 30 SBs. Whilst your search is eligible for sb point, you need to go into a displayed code to say it.

3. Swagbucks Surveys
Swagbucks surveys should earn you from 30 SBs to 1500 SBs or higher relying on the offers. At a given time, you can see at the least 50 surveys. Those surveys are 5 to 30 minutes long.

4. Discover Offers and Free Trials
The most lucrative worthwhile sports are signing up totally free trials and discovering gives from big brands. A few trial programs offer up to 2000 SB factors and 1500 extra SBs in case you stay a member for the whole month.

On every occasion you join up for a unfastened trial from swagbucks the usage of a credit score or debit card, make certain that you cancel the subscription before getting charged.

5. Swagbucks Watch
Watching movies, films, and news in Swagbucks will assist you earn sure SB factors. The SB quantity in keeping with video depends on the content material. Some users stated that they would get only up to 3 SBs for watching motion pictures starting from 10 minutes to an hour.

6. Play Games in Swagbucks
3 unfastened games particularly swag leap, swag reminiscence, and Swagasaurus Run may want to assist you earn 10 SB in step with round you play the games. It’s desirable to keep a distance from paid games of Swagbucks.

7. Accomplish Daily Tasks
There may be an 8-item each day assignment for you in Swagbucks. If you complete these efficaciously, you could earn greater SBS between 1 and 4. Obligations can variety to from a quick ballot or search to a complete survey.

8. Birthday Bonus
For your birthday, you’ll earn a bonus sb factor of 55. Furthermore, you’ll additionally get a personalized swag up email with a rebate toward gift card redemption. The provide expires after 30 days of your birthday.

9. Refer to Swagbucks
For each Swagbucks referral, you earn 300 SBs. But, the referee need to earn 300 SBs before the 1st of subsequent month. Other than this, you get 10% bonus SBs for lifelong every time the referee earns sb factors.

10 Magic Receipts
Each time you get an invoice from a retail keep after buying, upload that on Swagbucks to earn a better quantity of SBs.

Is Swagbucks Worth It?

Swagbucks is worth it when you have a little spare time each day and already spend time on-line as a favorite way to unwind.

Making loads of bucks per month is more difficult to do and will require maximum of some time — and possibly a few money, as some of the greater lucrative methods to earn involve buying and attempting out subscriptions, however in case you’re simply searching to make a little cash at the side, Swagbucks is well worth a glance.

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