Swasraya Scheme for Parents/Mothers of Persons with Physical and Mental Disabilities


The Swasraya scheme is a groundbreaking initiative designed to provide comprehensive support and empowerment to parents and mothers of persons with physical and mental disabilities. This scheme acknowledges the unique challenges faced by caregivers in nurturing and developing their children with special needs. By offering financial assistance, training programs, and resources, the Swasraya scheme aims to create an environment that fosters the optimal growth and development of individuals with disabilities.

Understanding the Challenges Faced by Parents of Persons with Disabilities:

Parents and mothers of persons with physical and mental disabilities face numerous challenges in their caregiving journey. These challenges can have a profound impact on their emotional well-being, financial stability, and overall quality of life.

Emotional and Psychological Strain:

The emotional and psychological toll on parents and mothers of persons with disabilities is immense. Accepting the diagnosis and coming to terms with the reality of their child’s condition can be an arduous process. Ongoing stress, anxiety, and worry about their child’s future prospects further contribute to emotional strain. Additionally, social isolation and stigma associated with disabilities can lead to feelings of loneliness and exclusion.

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Financial Burden:

Providing adequate medical care, therapy, assistive devices, and special education for a person with disabilities can be financially burdensome. The high costs associated with these necessities often strain the financial resources of parents and mothers. Limited access to employment opportunities due to caregiving responsibilities exacerbates the financial challenges. Moreover, inadequate financial planning and support for long-term care and financial security add to the burden.

Lack of Knowledge and Training:

Parents and mothers of persons with disabilities may lack sufficient knowledge about disabilities and available resources. Understanding the unique needs of their children and implementing specialized care techniques can be overwhelming without proper guidance and training. This knowledge gap can hinder the ability of parents to provide the best possible care and support for their children.

The Swasraya Scheme: A Lifeline for Parents and Mothers:

The Swasraya scheme acts as a lifeline for parents and mothers of persons with disabilities, addressing their needs and offering them the support necessary to navigate their caregiving journey successfully.

Financial Assistance:

One of the key aspects of the Swasraya scheme is providing financial aid to parents and mothers. Monthly financial support helps alleviate the burden of medical expenses and caregiving responsibilities. Subsidies for assistive devices, rehabilitation services, and therapies are also provided, ensuring that children with disabilities receive the necessary support without imposing excessive financial strain on their families. Additionally, the scheme includes insurance coverage and pension plans to ensure long-term financial security for parents and mothers.

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Skill Development and Training Programs:

The Swasraya scheme recognizes the importance of equipping parents and mothers with the necessary skills and knowledge to care for their children effectively. Specialized training workshops and courses are conducted to enhance caregiving skills. These programs provide valuable insights into disabilities, teaching parents about various strategies and techniques that can be employed to address the unique needs of their children. Vocational training and employment support are also offered, enabling parents and mothers to enhance their economic independence and create a more sustainable future.

Counseling and Emotional Support:

To address the emotional and psychological challenges faced by parents and mothers, the Swasraya scheme provides access to counseling services. These services offer a safe and supportive space for parents to express their concerns, fears, and anxieties. Professional counselors provide guidance and emotional support, helping parents cope with the challenges they encounter throughout their caregiving journey. Support groups and community networks are also established to foster a sense of belonging and reduce isolation. Moreover, the scheme conducts awareness campaigns to combat stigma and promote inclusive attitudes in society, creating an environment that is more accepting and supportive of individuals with disabilities.

Respite Care and Support Services:

Recognizing the need for periodic relief and support, the Swasraya scheme includes provisions for respite care facilities. These facilities offer temporary relief to parents and mothers, allowing them to take a break from their caregiving responsibilities and rejuvenate themselves physically and mentally. Additionally, daycare centers and after-school programs are established to provide structured activities and care for children with disabilities. Home-based services are also offered, assisting parents in managing daily care routines effectively.

Impact and Benefits of the Swasraya Scheme:

The Swasraya scheme has a profound impact on the lives of parents and mothers, as well as their children with disabilities.

Enhanced Quality of Life for Parents:

Through financial assistance, the Swasraya scheme reduces the financial stress and burden experienced by parents and mothers. This, in turn, improves their overall financial stability and provides them with a greater sense of security. The skill development and training programs offered under the scheme empower parents and mothers, enhancing their self-confidence and equipping them with the necessary tools to care for their children effectively. Access to counseling services and support groups significantly improves their mental well-being, reducing feelings of stress, anxiety, and isolation.

Holistic Development of Individuals with Disabilities:

The Swasraya scheme plays a pivotal role in facilitating the holistic development of individuals with disabilities. Financial assistance ensures that they have access to specialized therapies, assistive devices, and rehabilitation services, enabling them to reach their full potential. The scheme also emphasizes educational opportunities, which contribute to the improved cognitive and social skills of children with disabilities. By offering vocational training and employment support, the scheme promotes their independence and self-reliance, allowing them to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.

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Community Inclusion and Sensitization:

The Swasraya scheme plays a significant role in reducing stigma and promoting the inclusion of individuals with disabilities in society. By providing financial aid, skill development, and awareness campaigns, the scheme contributes to changing societal attitudes and creating a more inclusive environment. This, in turn, enhances social acceptance and recognition of the rights and abilities of all individuals, regardless of their disabilities.

Social Justice Department has devised an innovative scheme called “Swasraya” which provides financial assistance to such single mothers which will enable them to find self-employment.  An amount of Rs 35,000/- is being provided to the beneficiaries as one time assistance.

Eligibility criteria:-

·         Applicant must be from BPL family.

·         Parents (mothers) with children having 70% or more disability / mental retardation.

·         Mothers of severely disabled/mentally challenged bed-ridden patients will be given priority.

·         Single/Unwed mothers/Wives abandoned by husbands/Legally divorced women/Separated women are eligible to apply under this scheme.

·         Close relatives (women- as mentioned in the above category) who act as care takers of severely disabled/mentally challenged patients can also apply.

·         Application along with detailed project report about the self-employment has to be submitted to the concerned District Social Justice Officers.

·         Beneficiaries of Aswasakiranam scheme can also submit applications.


The Swasraya scheme stands as a beacon of hope for parents and mothers of persons with physical and mental disabilities. By addressing the challenges they face, providing financial assistance, skill development, and emotional support, the scheme empowers caregivers and creates an environment conducive to the growth and development of individuals with disabilities. The Swasraya scheme not only improves the quality of life for parents and mothers but also promotes inclusivity and acceptance in society, fostering a more compassionate and equal world for all.

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