The 5 Best Places to Sell Gift Cards for Cash


Gift cards have become increasingly popular as presents, but sometimes we end up with cards we don’t need or prefer cash instead. In such cases, gift card exchange platforms provide a solution by allowing users to sell their unwanted gift cards for cash or trade them for other cards. This essay will explore and compare five top gift card exchange platforms: CardCash, Raise, GiftCash, ClipKard, and CardSell. We will examine their features, benefits, payout options, and overall user experience to help you make an informed decision when it comes to selling or trading gift cards.

I. CardCash:

CardCash is known for its user-friendly interface and wide selection of retailers. It offers a straightforward process: users enter the store and card details using the quote tool, and CardCash provides an instant offer. The payout rates typically range from 80% to 85% of the card’s cash value, but can reach as high as 92%. Users have the option to receive payment via mailed check, ACH (direct deposit), or PayPal Express. Key features of CardCash include:

1. Selling cards from over 1,300 retailers.
2. Up to an 11% value boost for trading gift cards.
3. Give $5, Get $5 referral program.
4. Discounted gift cards up to 34% off for online purchases.

II. Raise:

Raise is one of the most well-known platforms in the gift card space, offering a unique perk of allowing users to sell partially used gift cards. Unlike CardCash, Raise facilitates direct person-to-person sales. Sellers offer a small discount on their cards, and buyers purchase them at the newly discounted price. The bigger the discount offered, the faster the card will sell. Payment options include check, ACH direct deposit, and PayPal cash. Key features of Raise include:

1. Buying and selling gift cards from nearly 1,000 retailers.
2. Flat 15% commission taken by Raise on sold gift cards.
3. Refer and Earn $5 referral program.
4. Availability of an app version (Raise Mobile).

III. GiftCash:

GiftCash stands out with its industry-leading 93% cash payout on select top retailers. While the platform has a smaller list of 150 retailers, it includes major ones. GiftCash also allows users to convert their cash balances to cryptocurrencies such as BTC, BCH, ETH, or USDT. Some features of GiftCash include:

1. High cash offers up to 93% for major retailers.
2. Payouts issued within 5 to 15 business days.
3. Cashouts available in cryptocurrencies.
4. Earn up to 7% GiftCash (cashback) on gift card purchases.

IV. ClipKard:

ClipKard offers an offline option for those who prefer mailing physical gift cards. Users can send their cards to ClipKard using a pre-paid USPS label, and after balance verification, they receive payment via PayPal deposit or check by mail. While payouts tend to be lower than competitors, typically in the 70% to 80% cash value range, ClipKard is a good option for those concerned about entering card details online. Key features of ClipKard include:

1. Acceptance of mailed physical gift cards from over 100 retailers worldwide.
2. Simple process with a free pre-paid USPS label.
3. Payouts delivered within 1 to 7 business days.
4. Payment options via PayPal deposit or check by mail.

V. CardSell:

CardSell is a mobile-only platform that offers a simple and fast user experience. While its payout rates may range from 50% to 75% of the card’s value, the advantage lies in quick PayPal deposits within 48 hours or less. Users are encouraged to decline the initial offer to receive a +10% payout bonus, providing a higher value upfront. Key features of CardSell include:

1. Mobile app-only platform for convenience.
2. Fast payouts within 48 hours or less.
3. Potential payout increase with a +10% bonus offer.
4. Lower payout rates compensated by quick transactions.


Gift card exchange platforms provide valuable solutions for individuals looking to convert their unwanted gift cards into cash or trade them for more desirable options. CardCash, Raise, GiftCash, ClipKard, and CardSell are all reputable platforms offering different features and benefits. CardCash and Raise excel in their extensive retailer networks and user-friendly interfaces. GiftCash stands out with its high cash offers and the option to convert to cryptocurrencies. ClipKard offers an offline mailing option, while CardSell provides a mobile-centric approach for quick transactions. Consider your preferences and priorities when selecting the most suitable platform for your gift card exchange needs.

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