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TradeQ intelligent quantitative system, the full English name of Trade Quantitative, is a system that focuses on artificial intelligence quantitative trading. 4 years of digital currency trading system quantitative strategy development experience, has successively built quantitative systems for many international private equity funds, and perfect investment quantitative strategy models, To maximize the utilization of member funds, and to help members maximize their profits through quantitative transactions in the digital currency market.

TradeQ is an automated, secure, and easy-to-use trade terminal designed exclusively for cryptocurrency traders. We are starting with cryptos, but our bots will be taking over the rest of the financial world. Welcome to the future of trading. And don’t feel sorry for our bots, they have no emotions, remember!! Stop gambling… start trading now!

TradeQ is a New Crypto trading BOT with $50 Annual Fees.
We are supporting four 4 exchange BOT AI systems.
TRADEQ BOT used Advance Trading Technology ATT with MACD, OBV, ADX, RSI, etc…

More Details WhatsApp: +919388939394

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