Vidyakiranam: Empowering Education for Children of Differently Abled Parents


The Social Justice Department has taken a significant step forward in promoting inclusivity and addressing educational disparities with the launch of a groundbreaking initiative called ‘Vidyakiranam.’ This comprehensive scheme aims to provide educational assistance to children whose parents are differently abled and facing economic challenges. By extending support to 25 children from each district for a duration of 10 months, Vidyakiranam endeavors to empower these young minds and foster a more equitable society.

Background and Rationale

In any society, education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of its citizens. However, children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds often face numerous barriers to accessing quality education. This challenge becomes more pronounced when their parents are differently abled, as they may encounter additional financial and logistical hurdles. Recognizing the pressing need to address this issue, the Social Justice Department has initiated Vidyakiranam to bridge the educational gap and empower children who face a double disadvantage due to their parents’ disabilities and economic deprivation.

The primary objective of Vidyakiranam is to ensure that children of differently abled parents have equal opportunities for educational advancement. By extending educational assistance to 25 children from each district, the scheme aims to create a positive impact on a considerable number of young lives across the region. This support will be provided for a duration of 10 months, allowing the children to receive continuous educational aid that complements their academic journey.

Vidyakiranam operates on the core principle that every child has the right to education, regardless of their family’s financial situation or their parents’ disabilities. By providing comprehensive assistance, the scheme seeks to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty and enable these children to thrive academically and socially.

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Implementation and Mechanisms

To effectively implement Vidyakiranam, the Social Justice Department has devised a robust mechanism that ensures transparency, accountability, and equal distribution of educational assistance. The scheme begins by identifying children who meet the eligibility criteria, which includes having differently abled parents and facing economic deprivation. District-level committees, comprising representatives from various stakeholders, will undertake this crucial task of identification to ensure fairness and objectivity.

Once the eligible children are identified, they will be provided with a range of educational assistance. This assistance encompasses financial support for tuition fees, school supplies, books, uniforms, and transportation costs. Moreover, the scheme recognizes the importance of holistic development and aims to provide additional resources such as extracurricular activities, skill-building programs, and counseling services to nurture the overall growth of the children.

The educational assistance will be extended for a duration of 10 months, enabling the children to receive sustained support throughout the academic year. This long-term engagement ensures that the children can truly benefit from the scheme and make progress in their educational pursuits.

Vidyakiranam places significant emphasis on collaboration and partnership with various stakeholders. It actively seeks to engage with educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, and corporate entities to maximize the impact of the scheme. This collaborative approach enables a wider reach, as it brings together resources, expertise, and networks to provide comprehensive support to the children and their families.

Impact and Expected Outcomes

Vidyakiranam is expected to yield numerous positive outcomes, both at the individual and societal levels. By addressing the educational needs of children with differently abled parents, the scheme aspires to create a more inclusive and equitable society. When children receive the necessary educational support, they are more likely to overcome obstacles, unlock their potential, and contribute meaningfully to their communities.

At the individual level, Vidyakiranam will empower children with knowledge, skills,

and opportunities that were previously beyond their reach. By providing financial assistance, the scheme reduces the burden on their families and enables them to access quality education without compromising their basic needs. This empowerment will equip the children to pursue their aspirations and break free from the cycle of poverty, thereby transforming their lives and the lives of future generations.

On a broader scale, Vidyakiranam contributes to building a more inclusive society that values and supports diversity. By providing educational assistance to children of differently abled parents, the scheme challenges existing social stigmas and misconceptions surrounding disability. It promotes a more empathetic and compassionate society, fostering a culture of inclusivity where every individual is recognized for their unique abilities and potential.

Sl No. Class Scholarship Rate
1. Standard 1 to 5 Rs. 300/-
2. Standard 6 to 10 Rs. 500/-
3. +1, +2, ITI equivalent courses Rs. 750/-
4. Degree, Post-Graduation, Polytechnic, equivalent courses, training Courses, professional Courses Rs. 1000/-

Eligibility criteria

  • Scholarship will be provided to children of disabled parents belonging to BPL category.
  • The disability of father/ mother must be 40 percentage or above.
  • Copy of BPL ration card / Income certificate from the concerned Village Officer.
  • Copy of Medical board certificate showing percentage of disability.
  • Attested copy of Disability ID card.

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Vidyakiranam is a pioneering initiative undertaken by the Social Justice Department to empower children of differently abled parents who face economic challenges. By providing educational assistance to 25 children from each district for a duration of 10 months, the scheme aims to bridge the educational gap and promote inclusivity. Vidyakiranam recognizes the inherent right of every child to receive quality education, regardless of their parents’ disabilities or economic status.

Through the comprehensive implementation of Vidyakiranam, the Social Justice Department endeavors to transform the lives of these children and their families. By nurturing their academic growth, fostering holistic development, and breaking down barriers, the scheme paves the way for a more equitable and compassionate society. As Vidyakiranam shines a light on the educational aspirations of children with differently abled parents, it brings hope, empowerment, and brighter futures for all those involved.

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