what are the 3Vs in Digital Marketing ?

The first V: voice

Have you ever held up your smartphone and requested it to discover some thing for you, whether or not it’s far the score of the huge hockey sport or the nearest Thai eating place? If so, you’ve used voice search—and it’s becoming much more not unusual. Don’t forget, consumers need matters clean and that they want it now. Plus with in-domestic digital assistants inclusive of Alexa and Siri, they are being used to using their voices at home, on their telephones, on the street—any time all of the time. As a marketer, view this from the client attitude: voice search is much quicker than typing right into a search bar! Human beings don’t need to forestall what they’re doing to do voice search and it fits with the purchaser’s in-the-second conduct who want immediately effects. The question is how popular will voice search be? It’s predicted that 50 percentage of searches might be voice searches by means of the yr 2020. That’s next year! So as to keep up with this trend in 2019, you’ll want to take into account that voice searches trade how search queries work—and the way you need to method your search engine optimization to evolve to this change.

The second one V: video

You probably already realize customers love video—and that marketers have to love video due to the fact it’s so a great deal extra engaging. In fact, humans spend 5 times longer on video than static content. Cisco predicts video viewing will account for 82 percentage of all IP traffic by using the year 2021. When it comes to digital marketing trends in 2019, video will play a big function. Some tendencies we’re seeing video include:

  • making video a part of your marketing strategy
  • Treating YouTube just like the search engine it is
  • Going live on Facebook
  • The usage of video on Instagram
  • The use of video for b2b marketing
  • The usage of immersive or 360 degree video

The third V: visual

People are visible creatures, as the increasing recognition of video shows, and we take in visual statistics much more speedy than we do textual content. That visible desire suggests up in searches and consistent with search engine journal, nearly 27 percentage of searches on google have been for pictures. And sure, visible search is a digital marketing fashion you have to be privy to and combine into your digital marketing approach.

Visual search is not new, however it is growing in capability. Pinterest is a determined leader on this arena. If you’ve been on Pinterest and seen little dots display up on a photograph, letting you click on to peer comparable items for sale from online shops, you’ve visible the function known as “store the appearance.” Pinterest also gives lens, letting customers take a photograph of some thing within the actual world, then locate related pins. Although Pinterest is dominating the visual search arena, google and Bing are inside the space as nicely, and essential brands are already the use of it. The takeaway he’s if you’re a store, you have to be searching at digital search functionality.

There is so much more happening in digital marketing which you see summarized above, however from time to time we need the onslaught of statistics simplified and introduced in neat little programs we are able to wrap our brains round and realize… without having a panic assault.


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