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How to set up your online store with woocommerce and wordpress ?

I will assist you understand systematically the way to create your own online store using of wordpress and woocommerce development plugin. There are many designated steps to be taken into consideration which are not feasible to be explained in a single single blog so right here you may be guided in a fundamental manner with a view to no longer create any confusion to your mind and display you the best way to create your very own ecommerce website.

Steps to build your ecommerce website:

1. Domain name and web hosting on woocommerce

Domain name is the name that you buy preceding to the domain which might make it a web address with. It’s far your internet site’s precise address on the web that gives the clients an genuine concept of what to go looking to get to your internet site. The name of your shop is observed by way of .Co or .Com or some other domain.

There are two basic approaches to get a site name and web website hosting. Both you move for devoted web hosting or shared website hosting. Each those options have their very own deserves and choice ought to be executed in line with your desire and which helps your commercial enterprise version.

Going with dedicated web hosting is a costly but very rewarding decision. In case you opt for wp engine they will price you $29/month but they will come up with completely managed servers which can be only committed for your website with 24/7 ticketed assist and day by day backup of your website and lots of extra features. As dedicated website hosting will come up with complete server to use, you want to buy your own domain name from registrars like godaddy, redserverhost, siteground, and so forth.

Whilst, if your price range is low then you may choose shared hosting. In shared hosting, a server is shared among different websites. So, your online keep gained’t be the online consumer of that server however you’ll have to percentage the resources and space with other websites. This is a feasible choice for you whilst you’ve just begun and internet traffic would be low in the starting however as your person base grows you want to shift to a dedicated website hosting.

As shared hosting uses a single server for multiple websites the domain name is not for you to be purchased, it is given to you by the hosting server.

2. Set up wordpress

It isn’t as hard as it may seem. You need to go to your host user panel where for the primary time you need to offer a affirmation to the website hosting provider by way of clicking the confirmation hyperlink sent to you on your registered email cope with.
When you’ve entered the person panel scroll down until you see “install wordpress” button. Click that button and observe the instructions given to you thereafter. The entire method is quite simple and defined in specific steps.
Now you’ll be getting a blank internet site. You may view the website by certainly going on your domain name. Login your self as admin on the internet site by using going to the login screen.

3. Install woocommerce plugin

You have already finished half of the work to open your online store with WooCommerce. Now to install the E-Commerce’s platform plugin, just go to the WordPress dashboard, then select “Plugins” and select “Add New”. Type “woocommerce” in the search field at the top right corner of the window. The first result would be the WooCommerce plugin.
There would be an install button adjoined to the plugin result. Click the “Install now” button. After a few seconds, the text on the button will change to “Activate”; Click the “Activate” button.
Everything from here on is a piece of cake. A small pop-up window will ask you to continue, press on the “Let’s Go!” button to continue.
There are some really important pages to be created to, make your website function properly. All of these things will be done by the WooCommerce wizard, you just need to press continue to create each of these pages..

The pages that want to be created are:

shop, wherein your products will be displayed.

Cart, in which the customers will upload all the products they pick out to buy.
Checkout, in which the customers select the delivery and payment technique.
My Account, this would be a personalized page for each registered user, where they can monitor activities and make a faster purchase by giving in basic information once. So that they don’t need to fill out all the information for each separate order.
This ends the installation part of WooCommerce plugin. Now next you need to decide a personalized theme for your website.

4. Pick a subject becoming your online keep

Selecting a completely unique subject matter in keeping with your taste and the design that symbolizes your company morale and precept could be very necessary to create a completely unique identification. For startups who don’t have that an awful lot amount of cash to spend on customized layout, wordpress offers custom designed variances in design and colour mixture to your internet site.
You could additionally pick out a theme that is constructed with woocommerce plugin in thoughts so it might paintings seamlessly. There may be a hazard which you have already got a subject before adding the woocommerce plugin. You don’t want to worry as woocommerce plugins are usually compatible with all the subject matters but nonetheless you may effortlessly alter the appearance of your website according with this plugin.

5. Add products to your online shop

We’ve reached the final step of officially launching your online shop with woocommerce. The most primary aspect to have in a web store is the goods that it sells. So now we upload products in your internet site.
Go to your dashboard and select “Products”. Further, press on the “Add Product” option. The next window you will see is the content editing screen. Here you fill all the details about the product that you are adding to your website.

Woocommerce online store extensions:

There are many extensions that you could add with woocommerce plugin. Most of these extensions are very useful as they increase the functioning of your internet site and they’re very easy to install. The most preferred extensions are the as soon as either made or permitted by the woocommerce crew. A number of these officially authorized extensions are payment gateways, delivery extensions, reserving extensions, accounting extensions, and so on.
It’s not important to have these kind of extensions and your internet site will paintings greater than high-quality with out them, however if you still need those extensions without paying extra money, there are many extensions that you can down load inside the unfastened category.


Woocommerce development has added plenty at the plate for wordpress users. You may without difficulty release your on-line store with woocommerce plugin and wordpress with fewer resources and attain your startup dream.



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