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Want to earn money from If so, you should stop everything else and be prepared to read this article as I’ll reveal everything you need to know, starting from signing up for to more profitable alternatives.

First, answer these questions:

  • Do you want to earn money by sharing a link online?
  • Do you share links online every now and then?
  • Do you want to realistically earn $1000+ per month?

If your answer is Yes, you should read this.


I’m going to show you how to make money as a beginner starting from scratch. Of course, you are going to learn a lot about

But, it’s not only about Honestly, it’s much more than that.

Feeling interested?


If you’ve never made money online, this article is going to help you make your very first dollar. But you must be willing to learn.

And I need 3 things from you:

  1. Your time
  2. Attention
  3. Commitment

You don’t have to be an expert to earn money with You earn money by just sharing links online (which is something we all do).

Overall, the concept is simple.

But honestly speaking, it’s not as easy as it may seem.

That’s why it’s required to understand everything right from the basics. And, that’s what you are going to learn from here.

It’s about a powerful link shortener or more accurately, a URL shortener that pays you every time someone clicks on your shared links.

The name of the link shortener is! ( It’s free to sign up)

So how to earn money with

You simply share links shortened by and share the short links to start earning money for every click. It’s that simple.

And it pays well.

If you are someone who shares links online now and then, has true potential to earn you some extra money every month.

And you know what?

I’ll also show you how you can potentially earn over $1000 per month.

This article is pretty lengthy. So I’ve created a table of contents below so that you can easily navigate to different sections within this article.

If you have never made money online, this is truly an opportunity for you to make your first dollar online. Almost always, we all share links online for many different reasons. What if you can get paid for the same?

Will you be interested?

If you are, you should know more about and how it can potentially earn you so much money by just sharing your favorite links online.

So what really is Let’s see…

What is is primarily a link shortener.

Or more accurately, this is a URL shortener.

A URL shortener is a simple tool that takes a long complicated URL and crushes it down, compacts it into a short neat link for you to share.

A URL shortener can be given many different names:

  • Link compressor
  • Link shrinker
  • URL condenser
  • Link simplifier
  • Short link generator

Essentially, there are all different ways of saying the same thing. Anyone who wants to turn a long URL into a short one would do it with a URL shortener. does the same job as other link shorteners.

But there’s a small twist. inserts advertisements into your short links whenever you use their service to compress a long URL. The long URL becomes a short one with an ad.

Pretty cool, right?

In fact, I should say that you don’t need a long URL to shorten it. You can use any URL and turn it into a short link. These links will enable you to earn money whenever someone clicks on any of these short links.

Want to see an example of how these short links work?

Here are the real examples of the link:

The short links above have been created by the URL shortener. A click on these links will show you a clear picture of how the system works.

Feel free to click on any of the links above.

Sign Up for (free)

If you want to earn money whenever you share any links online, it’s time to sign up for while it’s absolutely FREE to join.

There are 4 steps involved:

  • Step 1: Sign Up for
  • Step 2: Shorten a URL to the link
  • Step 3: Share your short links online
  • Step 4: Earn money from

While it’s absolutely free to sign up, most people just decide to sign up without taking any action later, to improve their earnings.

Don’t do that! Proactively share your links online.

Click Here to Sign Up for

Once you successfully sign up, you’ll be able to sign in to your dashboard from where you can manage your complete account.

The dashboard is quite user-friendly.

Right from the dashboard, you’ll find the URL shortener box that you can use to effectively shorten your favorite links for sharing.

You’ll also get your earning statistics right from the dashboard.

Their payout rates are quite impressive.

You can earn quite well if you proactively share your links on Facebook, Twitter, social groups, online communities, and so on.

As you can see that you can earn as much as $160 for every 10000 visits to your link. They’ve upgraded their CPM system to make it easy for users to earn a decent amount. Their AI system always delivers the best ads for users.

There’s a specific section for all important announcements

There is a chatbox that will help you get connected with other members right from your dashboard. It makes sharing tips and tricks easier.

Overall, the dashboard is pretty user-friendly and useful for beginners. All you need to do is to sign up for Zagl, create short links, and share online.

And of course, make some money doing it. Payout Rates

I’ve already talked about how much they pay and how much you can expect to earn if you are proactively using the service.

As you can see in the table above, you get more money while you get more clicks on your links. To get the first payout you need at least 100 clicks.

Because their minimum withdrawal amount is $2.

Please note that all clicks may not be counted as valid clicks. They have certain criteria to qualify for a click or a visit.

  • Visitors must have JavaScript enabled.
  • Visitors must have Cookies enabled.
  • They must view the ad for 5 seconds.
  • The visit must be unique in 24 hours.

It can be assumed that almost 97% of clicks should be counted as valid clicks or visits. Around 3% may be ignored for not qualifying.

Please understand that you may get more than 1 view for every click as more than 1 ad is shown most of the time, for each click.

Here’s the fact:

Every click must be unique. That means if the same person clicks your link 2 or 3 times a day, it will be counted as only one click.

Payment Methods can pay you with many different types of methods. The most popular method is Paypal which is known worldwide.

Apart from Paypal, you can get paid with any of the following methods:

  • Payza
  • Skrill
  • WebMoney
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank Transfer

In order to withdraw your earnings, the minimum amount of money you will need to earn is only $2. So you need only around 100 to 150 clicks.

I would personally suggest you use Paypal.

PayPal is one of the largest online payment processors in the world. It’s free to sign up. And it’s safe and secure to send/receive payments globally.

How to Earn $1,000+ Per Month?

You can surely earn money from by sharing those short links.

But honestly speaking, it takes time to scale.

I don’t suggest you follow the usual method of earning money by sharing short links. Because that’s not the right way to reach $1000 per month.

It will be hard with the usual method.

But here’s what you should know:

You can potentially make $1000+ per month with the URL shortener. It’s possible because of their attractive referral-building program.

At, you earn 50% of your referrals’ earnings for life.

This is a game-changer.

Because there is no limit on how many members you can refer to service. Every time one of your referrals gets $2, you get $1.

It’s that simple.

In order to earn $1000 per month, you need only 100 referrals each earning $20 per month. As a result, you can earn $1000 or more money per month.

A quick illustration:

Referral Numbers Referral Earnings Your Income
100 $2000 $1000
50 $1000 $500
10 $200 $100

So basically you need to refer people to use their service. It’s a win-win situation for both of you. The people you refer will get new opportunities to earn money. And you earn without any additional cost to your referrals.

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up today for and start sharing your favorite links online.

And of course, make some money for yourself.

If you want to know how to get direct referrals, feel free to check out my complete guide on how to get unlimited direct referrals regularly.

The arts and techniques shared can be followed to get referrals for any programs. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a PTC site, GPT site, or anything else.

So what should you do now?


Sign up for and focus more on getting direct referrals.

One of the best and powerful ways to get tons of direct referrals for your account is to create a blog and write useful articles.

Take help from my complete guide on How to Set Up a Blog step by step?

Honestly speaking, it doesn’t cost a lot to set up a blog.

All you need is 2 things:

  1. Web hosting account
  2. Domain name

Blogging doesn’t only help you improve your income, but helps you build a solid business online. In fact, a blog is much more than your income.

It’s a complete online business that has limitless earning potential.


Set up your blog, design it using a beautiful theme, and write blog posts/articles based on a topic you are confident to share your knowledge about.

Turn the links on your blog into links.

Promote your blog online.

As more and more people will visit your blog, your earnings will increase. The reason is simple. With more visitors, you’ll get more clicks on your short links.

I know… I know, it takes time.

But if you do it right, you’ll be amazed looking at the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

The idea to earn money with is simple. And, if you have carefully followed this article so far, you should have a good idea of what is.

Below are some of the most common questions and their answers:

What is is basically a URL or link shortening service that inserts advertisements within shortened links. You can share these short links online and earn money whenever someone clicks on these shortened links.

How to Earn Money with

You can earn money from by shortening any link or URL of your choice. This short link can be shared anywhere online and you get paid for every click.

Is Real or Fake?

This is a 100% real and genuine website paying its users since its inception. Their minimum withdrawal amount is only $2 and you can get paid by PayPal.

Is Safe?

Yes! Zagl website is absolutely safe to use according to Google Safe Browsing.

Google Safe Browsing is a blacklist service provided by Google that provides lists of URLs for web resources that contain malware or phishing content.

Is Legit? is a 100% legit website that helps its users make money by sharing links shortened by their link shortener. You can get paid by PayPal or Bitcoin.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $2.

If you are doubtful whether it pays its users, there are tons of payment proofs. There’s a section on the site where displays the most recent payments.

They also run a monthly contest where you can earn any amount starting from $450 and grows with every real visit that is made on short links.

They randomly choose a visit and pay the user responsible for that visit.

These kinds of programs are usually run by legitimate companies.

Here’s what you need to do to be eligible:

  1. Sign up for
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Bring visits to your short links

Also, it is hard to find proof that someone reached the minimum payment threshold amount but did not get paid. But it’s easy to find payment proofs.

Just do a search on Google image with “ Payment Proofs“.

You’ll be presented with tons of relevant results.

How Does Work?

It’s a link shortener that compresses long links or URLs and makes them short while inserting advertisements into these short links.

You get paid when you share these links online and someone clicks. The visitors see ads and you get a portion of the earnings from

How Much Does Pay its Users?

You can earn as much as $160 for 10000 visits to your shortened links through the shortener. You mostly earn around $100 for 10000 clicks or visits.

Where to Share Links?

The shortened links can be shared anywhere online.

Some of the most prominent places would be Twitter, Facebook, Forums, Online communities, or any other places where there is a chance to get clicks.

What Are The Available Payment Methods? can pay you with many different types of methods.

The most popular method is Paypal which is known worldwide.

Apart from Paypal, you can get paid with any of the following methods: Payza, Skrill, WebMoney, Bitcoin, and Bank Transfer.

What is the Minimum Withdrawal Amount?

The minimum amount you will need to earn before you can get paid is only $2.

So you can use this service to make money and actually get paid even if you’ve never earned it online before.

Can I Use Traffic Generators with

Using traffic generators like traffic exchanges or traffic bots will not work.

And you must not use these services to get clicks on your links. Because your account may be terminated for spamming.

Is There a Referral Program? has a wonderful referral program that pays as much as 50% of your referrals’ earnings to you for life. I believe you can make more money by just promoting it, instead of sharing the shortened links.

Who Can Earn with

Anyone with a desire to earn money online can use to start earning.

If you’ve never made money online, you should really try the service. It’s free to sign up and start earning.

Can I Get Paid by Bitcoin?

Yes, of course. can pay its users with Bitcoins. So if you want, you can use your bitcoin wallet to get paid.

My Final Words

So my final word is this:

Go ahead and Sign Up Today & start making some money, of course.

If you are someone who always shares links online, there cannot be a better way to make money than with!

All that’s left now is to take action. And make some money.

And well, it’s been quite a ride… But all good things must come to an end.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed it, I certainly enjoyed writing it.

I wish you the absolute best of luck in your future financial ventures and remember that it always seems impossible until it is done.

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