Zero Investment Business – Top 3 Business Ideas In 2024

Zero Investment Business

In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, the concept of “Zero Investment Business” has taken center stage, reshaping the traditional notions of starting a venture. This essay explores the top three business ideas in 2024 that exemplify the zero investment model, showcasing how individuals can embark on entrepreneurial journeys with minimal financial risk.

1. Tata 1Mg

  • Investment: 15,000
  • Projected Monthly Profit: 1 Lakh
  • Store Area:
  • Eligibility: Minimum age : 18

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2. Delhivery

  • Investment: 50,000 to 2 Lakh
  • Projected Monthly Profit: 1 Lakh
  • Store Area: 400 or 500 sq. ft
  • Delhivery, a logistics and delivery service, offers a low-cost entry point into the e-commerce support sector. With a modest investment, entrepreneurs can establish a local hub, facilitating seamless last-mile delivery services for a variety of businesses.

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3. Naturals Saloon

  • Investment: 60–70 Lakhs
  • Projected Monthly Profit: 6.21 Lakhs
  • Store Area: 1200–1800 sq. ft
  • Naturals, a well-known beauty and wellness brand, presents a higher investment option but promises substantial returns. With a focus on comprehensive beauty services, this franchise offers a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to enter the booming beauty industry.

In essence, these zero investment business ideas exemplify the evolving entrepreneurial landscape, where innovation, adaptability, and strategic thinking take precedence over substantial financial backing. Aspiring individuals can now leverage these opportunities, turning their dreams of business ownership into reality in 2024 and beyond.

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