10 Best Part Time Jobs Near You in – High Paying $20K

Working part-time isn’t a necessity for people that don’t have much money. Instead, a part-time job is fast becoming a way of life for everyone- poor or rich, albeit for different reasons.

The rise in living costs, the urge to invest more money, paying for higher studies of children or even engaging in a hobby are some of the topmost reasons for part-time work in America.

What Statistics Prove?

Going strictly by statistics, over 27.56 million Americans do some of the other part-time jobs. And going Bureau of Labour Statistics says, this figure will increase quickly in the coming years for several reasons.

Because employers also require part-time workers. Lack of talent within an organization forces several small to gigantic businesses to outsource work from part-time workers.

An American part-time worker can earn anything between $22,425 per year as fresher and $66,300, with some experience.

The median pay scale stands at $39,000 per year – or $20 per hour- for part-time workers in the US. And you’ll agree that we’re talking about large sums of money that are available with the best part-time jobs.

So, you
might wish to know which are the best part-time jobs to make money in 2020.
Here I’m providing a list of 10 such part-time jobs that can help you make the
best of 2020 by making more money.

Best Part-Time Jobs Near You

Anyone can
get a part-time job anywhere and anytime. But that might not serve your purpose
of making money. Instead, check these 10 best part-time jobs to make money in

1. Financial Advisor

With a median annual income of $51,637, working as Financial Advisor is the best part-time job to make money in 2020. You can work part-time as a Financial Advisor online or even offline.

The job involves advising people on various savings schemes, investments, retirement plans, and other wealth-building methods. Often, a Financial Advisor also gets commissions from banks and investment houses when your customer becomes their client.

2. Journalist

You can make an average of $44,264 per year by providing news, news analysis, insights, reviews, and columns to media outlets in the US and abroad as part-time Journalists. Who requires part-time Journalists?

Almost every news media organization. Larger ones that cater to audiences across America pay more while those with a smaller, local audience would obviously pay lesser. Your job involves providing the latest news to the employer and sometimes, editing copies or news scripts.

3. Online Tutor

An Online Tutor in America can expect at least $50 per hour for teaching school subjects such as English, Maths, and Science among others. In fact, several online teachers have become millionaires, because they’re teaching Chinese and other foreign students.

The higher the number of students, the greater your earnings from this amazing part-time job. As e-learning is becoming popular worldwide, Online Tutor Jobs is becoming the best part-time job for 2020.

4. Online Fitness Trainer

Nowadays almost everyone is a fitness freak. Rightly so. Scientific and medical research clearly indicates that sedentary lifestyles cause several preventable diseases including high cholesterol levels, diabetes and several more.

However, wealthy families and individuals may not wish to visit a gym for fitness. Instead, they require personal online fitness trainers. An Online Fitness Trainer can earn at least $49.482 per year, depending on the number of hours you work. It’s a high-demand part-time job for 2020.

5. Copywriter

If you have creative skills and can write excellent catchphrases and catchy content for companies and advertisers, work as part-time Copywriter. It earns a median of $24.60 per hour.

In fact, you can earn much more if you’re very creative and work for a large company or advertising firm. Copywriting is an extremely prestigious profession. And if you have creative skills that don’t match your current job, you can always become a freelance Copywriter in 2020 and make more money.

6. Bookkeeper

According to the latest figures, freelance Bookkeepers make between $25,000 to $30,000 per year by working of high net worth individuals, small and medium businesses.

This pay equals that of most fulltime Bookkeepers that work for companies and report to an office daily. Part-time Bookkeepers can work from home or any other location. It involves keeping proper accounts of your employer’s money and submitting the statement when necessary.

7. Content Writer

Content writers create articles, blogposts and research-based articles for websites and blogs. If you have excellent research and writing skills, try to become a part-time Content Writer.

The pay depends upon your expertise in a specific field and writing skills, among others. A freelance Content Writer earns anything between $20 to $60 per hour. It depends upon the nature of content and employer too. Specialized content writers can get as much as $100 per hour of work.

8. Video Editor

A freelance Video Editor in the US can earn more than $80,000 per year or anything from $20 to $200 per hour. This depends on your skills and the employer. A professional Video Editor obviously earns more money as a part-time jobs with large companies.

YouTubers will pay lesser especially since they might not be able to afford high fees. You can earn more money as a part-time Video Editor for dubbing something in a foreign language too.

9. Digital Marketer

This is one of the topmost part-time jobs to make money. Because part-time Digital Marketers are in high demand across America. A Digital Marketing Manager on part-time work can make as much as $ 58,305 per annum.

And doing a good digital marketing course isn’t expensive. In fact, as more and more people take to eCommerce and other online processes, Digital Marketers are going to be in great demand worldwide and in the USA.

10. Online/ Offline Translator

If you’re a foreign student in America or an American with expert-level fluency in any foreign language, it’s possible to earn $44,013 per month as Translator.

This is one of the best part-time jobs to make money in 2020 because American companies and the Federal government have a huge demand for translators.

This is due to the increase in the number of American businesses opening offices abroad. Foreign students can also work as an online or offline part-time Translator.

Wrap Up

As you can see, these best part-time jobs to make money can get you a really decent income. And all these jobs are fairly easy to get. You can find them on any reliable and good recruitment portal or websites that specialize in part-time work.

Flexible working hours is one of the major advantages of taking a part-time job. And if you go for an online job, it’s possible to work from anywhere. This list of best part-time jobs for 2020 should help you make a lot of money.

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