Best Mutual Fund SIPs : What Are the Best Mutual Fund SIPs? Can You Get High Profits? – Comprehensive Guide 2024

The landscape of mutual fund investments in India is witnessing a significant surge in popularity, driven by the appeal of avoiding direct investing pitfalls and risks, while enjoying the potential for better returns under the guidance of professional fund managers.

This essay aims to provide a comprehensive overview of mutual funds recommended by the Economic Times, catering to investors with varying risk appetites. We will delve into three distinct categories – conservative, moderate, and aggressive – to offer tailored suggestions that align with different investor preferences and objectives.

What is Mutual Fund SIPs

A Mutual Fund Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a disciplined and systematic approach to investing in mutual funds. It allows investors to contribute a fixed amount of money at regular intervals, typically monthly, into a chosen mutual fund scheme. The primary advantage of SIPs lies in their ability to harness the benefits of rupee cost averaging and the power of compounding. With rupee cost averaging, investors buy more units when market prices are lower and fewer units when prices are higher, effectively spreading the investment risk over time.

This strategy mitigates the impact of market volatility and eliminates the need for precise market timing, making it an attractive option for those looking to invest in a disciplined manner without the complexities of trying to predict market movements.

SIPs offer flexibility by allowing investors to start with a relatively small amount and gradually increase their investment over time. Additionally, investors can choose to pause or stop their SIPs if needed, providing adaptability to changing financial circumstances. The convenience of automating regular contributions and the discipline instilled by committing to a fixed investment schedule are noteworthy features, ensuring that investors stay on track with their financial goals.

SIPs are often viewed as a long-term wealth creation tool, encouraging investors to remain invested over an extended period. The compounding effect, where returns on the initial investment generate additional earnings, can lead to substantial wealth accumulation over time. Overall, Mutual Fund SIPs serve as an accessible and effective way for individuals to participate in the financial markets while aligning with their risk tolerance, financial objectives, and investment horizon.

How a Mutual Fund SIP works

  1. Regular Investments: Instead of making a lump-sum investment, investors commit to investing a fixed amount regularly. This could be monthly, quarterly, or any other interval as specified by the investor.
  2. Rupee Cost Averaging: Since the investor is contributing a fixed amount at regular intervals, they end up buying more units of the mutual fund when prices are lower and fewer units when prices are higher. This strategy is known as rupee cost averaging and helps mitigate the impact of market volatility.
  3. Convenience and Discipline: SIPs provide a convenient way for investors to participate in the financial markets without having to time them. It also instills discipline in the investment process, as the investor commits to investing regularly.
  4. Flexibility: Investors can start a SIP with a relatively small amount. Over time, they can increase the SIP amount or even pause or stop it if necessary.
  5. Long-Term Wealth Creation: SIPs are generally considered a long-term investment strategy. By staying invested over an extended period, investors may benefit from the compounding of returns, potentially leading to significant wealth accumulation.

Best Mutual Fund SIPs

Best Mutual Fund SIPs
Best Mutual Fund SIPs – Best Mutual Fund SIPs – Best Mutual Fund SIPs – Best Mutual Fund SIPs – Best Mutual Fund SIPs

Mutual Funds for Conservative Investors:

For investors prioritizing the safety of their invested capital over high returns, several mutual funds stand out as prudent choices:

  1. Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity Fund
  2. ICICI Prudential Regular Savings Fund
  3. Canara Robeco Conservative Hybrid Fund
  4. Axis Bluechip Fund
  5. HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund

These funds are characterized by a conservative investment approach, aiming for stability and capital preservation while providing modest returns.

Mutual Funds for Moderate Investors:

Investors with a moderate risk appetite and a desire for steady growth can explore the following mutual funds:

  1. Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity Fund
  2. Parag Parekh Flexi Cap Fund
  3. UTI Flexi Cap Fund
  4. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund
  5. HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund

This category offers a balanced mix of risk and return potential, providing investors with the opportunity for growth without exposing them to excessive volatility.

Mutual Funds for Aggressive Investors:

For those seeking higher returns despite embracing higher risk, the following mutual funds are recommended:

  1. Parag Parekh Flexi Cap Fund
  2. Mirai Asset Large Cap Fund
  3. SBI Small Cap Fund
  4. Canara Robeco Equity Diversified Fund
  5. DSP Mid Cap Fund

These funds target aggressive growth, making them suitable for investors willing to tolerate higher market volatility in pursuit of potentially superior returns.

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Investment Strategies and Considerations:

Regardless of the risk profile, successful investment in mutual funds through Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) requires strategic planning. Proper allocation of investment across funds, known as asset allocation, is pivotal for optimizing returns. Regular monitoring of investment performance against financial objectives is crucial, with adjustments made as needed.

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It is essential to note that past performance does not guarantee future results, emphasizing the importance of continuous analysis and informed decision-making for successful and sustainable investments.


In conclusion, the world of mutual fund SIPs offers a plethora of choices catering to the diverse risk appetites and investment objectives of investors. Whether one leans towards conservative, moderate, or aggressive strategies, the key lies in a thoughtful and disciplined approach. By aligning investments with individual risk tolerance, conducting proper research, and staying vigilant in monitoring performance, investors can navigate the complexities of the market and strive for optimal returns.

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The recommendations provided by Economic Times serve as a valuable starting point, and investors are encouraged to engage in ongoing analysis and adaptation to ensure the long-term success of their investment portfolios.

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