SBI Debit Card – Free Movie Tickets And Air Travels 2024

SBI Debit Card

In the realm of financial transactions, every swipe of your SBI debit card opens the door to a world of rewards waiting to be claimed. While most individuals are aware of the existence of debit card reward points, many fail to tap into the potential benefits they offer. This essay explores the rich landscape of SBI Reward Points, shedding light on how users can earn, accumulate, and leverage these points for a range of exciting rewards, including free movie tickets and air travel.

Debit Card Reward Points

Beyond conventional ATM withdrawals, SBI debit cards are instrumental in various financial activities such as bill payments, online/offline purchases, fuel refilling, and ticket bookings. For every transaction, users are entitled to reward points based on the amount spent. These points, often overlooked, hold significant value and can be redeemed as coupons, unlocking a myriad of possibilities for savvy users.

SBI Rewards Loyalty Program

SBI Rewards stands as a beacon of appreciation for State Bank Debit Card users, fostering loyalty through a comprehensive reward program. Initiated from January 1, 2020, debit card transactions now contribute to “green points,” enhancing the overall reward-earning experience. The program offers various avenues for earning points, including bonus points for transactions during the cardholder’s birth month and additional points at partner stores.

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Reward Points Structure

Users can earn 2 points for every debit card spend of Rs 200 in POS or e-commerce transactions, excluding IOC pumps. Notably, utilizing the IOC co-branded debit card at IOC pumps yields 6 points for every Rs 200 spent. Activation bonuses of 200 points are granted for three transactions within a month of card issuance. Birthday bonuses and monthly spending bonuses further augment the reward points, with a maximum limit of 200 points per month.

Reward Point Value

Understanding the value of accrued reward points is essential. The SBI Rewards website or the SBI Rewards App facilitates easy tracking of points, where 1 reward point equals 25 paise. For instance, a customer amassing 1,000 reward points can redeem Rs. 250 in value. However, it is crucial to note that reward points are valid for 36 months from the transaction month, while additional points earned at partner stores hold a 12-month validity.

Redemption Process

The redemption process for SBI Reward Points is user-friendly and accessible through the website or the SBI Rewards Mobile App. Users can choose from an array of redemption options, including gift cards, mobile and DTH recharge, and even exciting experiences like movie tickets, flight bookings, hotel stays, and bus bookings. This versatility allows users to tailor their rewards to suit their preferences and lifestyle.


In conclusion, the SBI Debit Card Reward Points program transforms routine financial transactions into a gateway of possibilities. By understanding the intricacies of earning, tracking, and redeeming these points, users can maximize the benefits offered by SBI Rewards. From practical choices like mobile recharge to indulgent experiences such as free movie tickets and air travel, the SBI Debit Card becomes not just a financial tool but a key to unlocking a world of delightful rewards.

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