Earn Money by Sharing Apps – Cuelinks Honest Review

Cuelinks is a content monetization platform, which helps you simplify and automate (to some extent) the process of making money out of your content. When used optimally, Cuelinks can also help you identify what type of content earns you more as well as it can help you time your content correctly to make maximum profits.

How will Cuelinks help me make money?

Cuelinks works on a revenue-sharing model. Every time a purchase is made using any of your affiliate links, the respective merchant pays us a commission on that sale. Cuelinks pass on 75% to 90% of this commission to you.

How can I use Cuelinks?
Cuelinks is a free platform available for anyone who creates, curates, edits, or publishes content online. Once you sign up with your website, blog, or mobile app on Cuelinks; you can use this platform to easily create affiliate links for your content. Affiliate links by Cuelinks are conveniently trackable so that you know how much traffic you are sending to other websites, how much of it is converting into a purchase and what are you earning from it.

What are the different features that Cuelinks offers?
Cuelinks offers you the following features:

Aggregated Reporting
Cuelinks gives you detailed insights like the number of links in your content, number of clicks on these links, the amount of revenue earned from each merchant, monthly and annual reports, and payments made on a single dashboard panel. It eliminates the need to maintain an excel sheet and follow up with thousands of merchants and hundreds of affiliate networks for payouts.

2 Minute Installation
Cuelinks offers you the quickest way to create affiliate links for your content. As soon as your account is approved, all you have to do is insert a javascript code (from here) between the body tags, at the end of your content and all the links will get monetized, including the older ones used in the content published before installation.

200+ Merchants
Cuelinks works with all the major affiliate networks in the country and with numerous merchants, directly, thus bringing them all to you under one roof. You are instantly approved for all these merchants, once your Cuelinks account is approved.

Single Point of Payout
With Cuelinks, you don’t have to contact any merchant or affiliate network for your payments. Cuelinks do all the follow-up, and once validated, we make your payments via cheque or direct online transfer to your bank account.

Lifetime Link Management
Affiliate networks or merchants frequently change their affiliate programs and/ or link formats which renders all the existing affiliate links inactive or those links simply redirect your users to a broken page. However, with Cuelinks, publishers need not worry about updating all such links, every time there is a change on the merchant end. You will continue earning from all your links irrespective of such updates because you are using the original URL, with Cuelinks.

Commission & Payout

At Cuelinks we follow a simple and transparent payment mechanism. We collect and aggregate all commissions due to you, from one or various Merchants. We pay you 75 percent of the commission we receive, from Merchants, on account of referrals converted into actual purchases from your Publication. You can always see your payouts under the ‘Merchants’ tab in the dashboard panel of your Cuelinks account.

Cuelinks manages your affiliate links and takes care of your payouts with each such Merchant. We follow the Net60 payment cycle. Cuelinks would collect and aggregate all your commissions, due to our Merchants, and pay you your share at the end of 60 days (two months). We have the following options available for making payments:

Direct bank transfer
Only once you reach a minimum of Rs. 500 as an aggregate commission (payable to you by referrals of one or more Merchants taken together), you would be entitled to receive a commission from Cuelinks in a given payment cycle. As you reach the threshold limit, you would be contacted by us via e-mail or telephone for the necessary details. Nothing contained herein must be construed to mean that commission would be payable merely by obtaining registration with Cuelinks. Cuelinks will not be liable to pay any commission until a bonafide purchase is made by a prospective user/buyer after having reviewed and used the link posted and shared by you on your Publication. Further, no payment may be made until a threshold limit of Rs. 500 commission per month is reached. The decision as regards a transaction being bonafide shall be that of the Merchant and shall be final and binding upon the Publisher.

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