HDFC Insurance Plan : HDFC Guaranteed Income Insurance Plan – Comprehensive Guide 2023

HDFC Insurance Plan

In the realm of financial planning, securing the future through a robust life insurance policy is paramount. HDFC Life introduces a groundbreaking offering in this segment – the Guaranteed Income Insurance Plan. This non-linked, non-participating individual life insurance savings plan not only assures a guaranteed return of 13 percent but also encompasses a host of financial benefits, tax exemptions, and a comprehensive death benefit. Let’s delve into the intricacies of this plan, exploring its features, policy terms, age limits, and benefits.

Understanding the HDFC Guaranteed Income Insurance Plan:

The HDFC Guaranteed Income Insurance Plan is designed to provide a unique combination of financial security, long-term savings, and a guaranteed income stream. Tailored for individuals who prioritize both stability and growth in their financial portfolio, this policy stands out for its fixed returns and tax-saving opportunities. Let’s break down the key components of this plan:

HDFC Insurance Plan

Financial Benefits:

One of the standout features of this plan is the guaranteed income it offers, ranging from 11% to an impressive 13% of the sum assured per annum. In alignment with existing tax regulations, the policy not only ensures a fixed income stream but also provides tax-saving benefits. The maturity benefit, coupled with existing tax advantages, adds another layer of financial advantage. The policy extends full death benefits during the payout period, enhancing the overall financial protection.

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Policy Term:

Prospective policyholders can choose a policy term ranging from 16 to 42 years, with variations in the premium payment and payout periods. For example, in a 16-year policy, the premium payment period spans 8 years, followed by an additional 8-year payout period. The flexibility in premium payment frequencies – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or annually – caters to diverse financial preferences.

HDFC Insurance Plan

Age Limit:

The HDFC Guaranteed Income Insurance Plan welcomes policyholders from a minimum age of 30 days to a maximum of 65 years, provided they complete 18 years in term. The sum assured is intricately calculated based on the premium, with a minimum annual premium set at Rs. 24,000 for a 16-year policy and a mere Rs. 12,000 for a 30-year policy. Policy surrender is permissible after the completion of two years of premium payment.

Policy Calculator:

To illustrate the tangible benefits of this policy, let’s consider the scenario of a 35-year-old individual seeking fixed income after 15 years. Opting for the HDFC Life Guaranteed Income Insurance plan for 30 years, with 15 years each dedicated to premium payment and payout phases, the annual premium for this person amounts to Rs. 50,665. This fixed guaranteed income of Rs. 1,07,209, equivalent to 13 percent of the sum assured, will be received annually for the remaining 15 years, starting from the 16th year of the policy term. Additionally, a maturity benefit of Rs. 8,24,682 will be available along with the final payout of guaranteed income at the 30th year of policy maturity.

HDFC Insurance Plan

The policyholder enjoys continuous death benefits throughout the 30-year policy period, with the death benefit being 10 times the annual premium or 105 percent of the total premium paid.


In conclusion, the HDFC Guaranteed Income Insurance Plan emerges as a robust financial instrument, offering a unique blend of guaranteed returns, tax benefits, and comprehensive coverage. As individuals navigate the complexities of financial planning, this policy stands as a beacon of stability and growth. The flexibility in policy terms, coupled with the assurance of fixed income, positions HDFC’s offering as a strategic choice for those looking to fortify their financial future. With a commitment to financial well-being, HDFC Life continues to pave the way for individuals to achieve their financial goals with confidence and security.

HDFC Insurance Plan

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