High Dividend Stocks – 6 Companies That Pay Dividends 4 Times a Year – Comprehensive Guide

High Dividend Stocks

High dividend stocks stand out as a lucrative avenue for investors seeking regular income streams. This essay will meticulously explore 6 Companies That Pay Dividends 4 Times a Year, offering a unique proposition for investors looking for frequent returns.

1) CRISIL Ltd – A Pillar of Analytical Excellence

CRISIL Ltd., an Indian analytical company renowned for providing rating, research, risk, and policy advisory services, emerges as the first contender in our exploration of high dividend stocks. With an impressive track record of 57 dividend payouts since 2011, CRISIL has proven its commitment to rewarding shareholders. In the last 12 months, the company disbursed Rs 49 per share as dividends, comprising a final dividend of Rs 23 in March 2023 and three interim dividends of Rs 7 in May, Rs 8 in August, and Rs 11 in November. Despite trading at Rs 4,361, the stock boasts a modest dividend yield of 1.12 percent, making it an interesting proposition for income-focused investors.

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2) Tata Consultancy Services – Leading the IT Dividend Landscape

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a stalwart in the IT services and consulting sector under the Tata Group, emerges as a dividend giant with 57 payouts since 2011. The company distributed a substantial Rs 117 per share in the last 12 months, highlighting its commitment to rewarding investors. Noteworthy dividend disbursements include an interim dividend of Rs 8 and a special dividend of Rs 67 in January 2023, a final dividend of Rs 15 in June, and interim dividends of Rs 9 each in July and October. Trading at Rs 3,450, TCS offers an attractive dividend yield of 3.39 percent, positioning it as a standout choice for income-seeking investors.

3) HCL Technologies – Navigating the IT Dividend Landscape

HCL Technologies, a multinational IT services and consulting company headquartered in Noida, joins the ranks of high dividend stocks with an impressive track record of 54 dividends since 2011. The company disbursed Rs 50 per share in the last 12 months, featuring interim dividends of Rs 10 in January, Rs 18 in April, Rs 10 in July, and Rs 12 in October. Priced at Rs 1301, HCL Technologies offers investors a robust dividend yield of 3.84 percent, positioning it as a compelling choice in the IT dividend landscape.

4) Page Industries Ltd – Unveiling the Underwear Manufacturing Dividend Gem

Page Industries, a Bangalore-based underwear manufacturing company and exclusive licensee for Jockey International in various countries, presents a unique entry in our exploration. Distributing Rs 270 as dividends in the last 12 months, Page Industries features interim dividends of Rs 60 each in February and June, and Rs 75 each in August and November. With a stock price of Rs 37,775, the company offers a dividend yield of 0.71 percent, making it an intriguing option for investors seeking a diverse dividend portfolio.

5) Sun TV Network Ltd. – Illuminating the Dividend Landscape in Television

Sun TV Network, a Chennai-based television channel company, contributes to our exploration with dividends totaling Rs 17.50 crore in the last 12 months. Dividends include Rs 3.75 per share in February, Rs 2.50 per share in March, Rs 6.25 per share in August, and Rs 5 per share in November. Priced at Rs 665, the stock presents a dividend yield of 2.63 percent, offering investors a unique opportunity to participate in the television industry’s dividend landscape.

6) Nestle India Limited – Sustaining Consistency in Dividend Payouts

Nestlé India, a consistent dividend payer, concludes our exploration by disbursing Rs 242 crore to investors over the last 12 months. Notable dividends include a final dividend of Rs 75 in April, an interim dividend of Rs 27 in April, and Rs 140 on November 1. With a stock price of Rs 23,982, Nestle India Limited offers a dividend yield of 1.01 per share, further solidifying its position as a reliable choice for income-focused investors.


In conclusion, the six high dividend stocks explored in this essay showcase the diverse opportunities available for investors seeking regular income. From analytical excellence to IT services, underwear manufacturing, television, and food and beverage, these companies represent a spectrum of industries contributing to India’s robust dividend landscape. As investors navigate the complexities of the stock market, these High dividend stocks-paying stalwarts present compelling options for those looking to build a resilient and income-generating portfolio.

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