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Earning Opportunity 

1) Use the Gener8 . browser extension

The only monetization opportunity offered by Gener8 when it launched was a browser extension and it still offers it as a way to earn.

The extension works for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Now let me explain how their extension works. Before installing, be sure to uninstall any ad-blocking software you may have on your computer first.
If you have it installed and using Get Paid sites, you will probably need to turn off rewards mode as it blocks ad tracking and therefore cannot be tracked by websites you use. surveys and offers you complete, and therefore you will not be able to win.

2) Tab Gener8

You can also install their other browser extension called Gener8 Tabs.

The idea with this extension is that it will show ads every time you open a new tab.

It works in conjunction with the main Gener8 browser extension. So whatever preferences you set on the main extension will still apply on the Gener8 tabs.

3) Gener8 . app

Gener8 has launched an app where you can earn money by connecting other apps. The way they explain it is that you connect the other apps you use to the Gener8 app. You can then see the data these apps keep about you and anonymize your data, then you’ll earn some revenue from that data yourself.

4). Gener8 Genie

Gener8 Genie is one of the newest additions to the platform.

It allows you to browse online coupon codes and apply them to your cart when shopping online. 5) Referral Program

Another way to earn rewards is to invite others to use the extension. Their referral program will allow you to earn extra rewards by sharing your referral link with them.

You and your referrer will then earn 10 points after they earn their first point using the extension.

How do you get paid?

Every time you see an ad or open a tab, you will get Gener8 points. These points will

accumulate in your account until you can redeem them for exclusive offers, tech products and gift cards. You can also donate to charity. Unfortunately, they don’t offer any cash rewards.

You can generate up to 15 points per day by viewing your daily browser-based ads. So you can’t expect to earn unlimited points every day. The rewards you can redeem will really depend on what’s available on their Marketplace. Each reward is worth a certain number of Gener8 points.

So there’s no fixed payout threshold, but the rewards start at a pretty low price and work your way up to some really fun, more expensive products and giveaways.

How much money can you earn?

Since there is a limit to how many Gener8 points you can earn, you can’t

really expect to make a lot of money on this site. Even if you browse thousands of websites every day, the maximum score you can earn will be only 15.

And remember, this is the most you can do every day. There is no guarantee that you will earn that much. In some countries, you definitely won’t come close.

Can we use it on mobile?

When Gener8 is launched for the first time, you cannot use it from your mobile phone. However, as you can see above, it now has its own app.

It won’t offer a browser-like monetization or browser extension, but it can be a way to use it from your phone, and it’s available for iOS and Android devices.

Who can join Gener8?

In theory, you can join Gener8 from any country. That being said, the site is based in the UK and the app is only available in the UK so far. So, at the time of updating this review, there isn’t much to join if you live in other countries.

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