Sell Photos Make Money Online – Part 3

The internet has revolutionized various industries, including photography. With the rise of online platforms, photographers now have the opportunity to monetize their skills and sell photos to a global audience. This essay explores the concept of selling photos online and provides an in-depth analysis of three prominent platforms: Dreams Time, 500px, and Getty Images. By understanding the workings of these platforms, photographers can navigate the online marketplace and maximize their earnings.

Selling Photos Online: An Overview

Selling photos online refers to the process of offering digital images for commercial use through online platforms. This industry has gained immense popularity, enabling photographers to monetize their work and reach a wide customer base.

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The convenience and accessibility of the internet have opened up numerous avenues for photographers to showcase their talent and generate income.

Dreams Time

Dreams Time is an established online platform that connects photographers with potential buyers. It offers a user-friendly interface and a vast customer base, making it an attractive option for photographers looking to sell their work. The platform operates on a royalty-based system, where photographers earn a percentage of the sales for their photos. Dreams Time provides various licensing options, allowing photographers to retain the rights to their images while selling them multiple times.

Advantages of Dreams Time:

1. Large customer base: Dreams Time has a significant number of registered users, increasing the visibility and potential sales of photographers’ work.
2. Extensive image categories: The platform caters to diverse image needs, ranging from commercial to editorial, opening up multiple avenues for photographers to showcase their work.

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3. Easy uploading process: Dreams Time offers a streamlined uploading process, allowing photographers to quickly upload and submit their photos for review.
4. Potential for passive income: Once approved, photographers’ images remain available for sale indefinitely, creating the potential for passive income generation.


500px is a community-driven platform that enables photographers to sell their work while connecting with fellow enthusiasts. The platform boasts a visually appealing interface and a strong emphasis on high-quality imagery. 500px offers photographers various licensing options, including exclusive and non-exclusive agreements, granting them control over the use and distribution of their photos.

Advantages of 500px:

1. Engaged photography community: 500px fosters a vibrant community of photographers, enabling users to connect, share feedback, and gain exposure.
2. Licensing flexibility: The platform provides photographers with the choice to sell their work exclusively through 500px or opt for non-exclusive agreements, giving them control over their images.
3. Portfolio customization: 500px allows photographers to create personalized portfolios, showcasing their work in a visually appealing manner.
4. Aggressive marketing and promotion: The platform actively promotes the work of its photographers, increasing their chances of exposure and potential sales.

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Getty Images

Getty Images is one of the leading stock photography agencies globally, known for its extensive library of high-quality images. It provides photographers with an opportunity to sell their work on a global scale, targeting a wide range of commercial and editorial buyers. Getty Images employs a rigorous review process to ensure that only top-notch images are accepted into its collection.

Advantages of Getty Images:

1. Global reach and visibility: Getty Images has a vast international customer base, increasing the likelihood of photographers’ work being discovered and purchased.
2. Exclusive partnership opportunities: The platform offers photographers the possibility of exclusive partnerships, granting them additional exposure and potential income.
3. High earning potential: Getty Images offers competitive royalty rates, providing photographers with the opportunity to earn significant income from their sales.
4. Stringent quality standards: Getty Images maintains high-quality standards, ensuring that only top-notch images are accepted into its collection. This enhances the reputation and value of photographers associated with the platform.


Selling photos online has emerged as a lucrative opportunity for photographers to monetize their skills and reach a global audience. Dreams Time, 500px, and Getty Images are prominent platforms that provide photographers with a range of benefits, including exposure, licensing options, and income potential. By understanding the workings of these platforms and capitalizing on their unique features, photographers can maximize their earnings and turn their passion for photography into a profitable venture. With the power of the internet, photographers can now showcase their talent and sell their photos to a diverse and appreciative audience.

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